Posted by: ionhealth | March 31, 2010


We’ve been talking about how good negative ions are for the body. Now, I will introduce some specific, naturally-occurring agents that directly emit negative ions. One of them is called “Si Bin” and it comes from China. It is believed that many many years ago, before recorded history, a meteor hit a region of what is now China, and that the trace elements of Si Bin came from this meteor. Si Bin is a radioactive stone, (The University of Beijing measured its radioactivity and deemed it to be not only safe for human contacts, but safer than even some building materials that pass inspection) that emits a Far Infra-red frequency, creating negative ions. The Chinese have for centuries hailed it as a “sacred” stone known for its healing properties: they would grind it into a powder and place in on wounds to heal better and faster, and they would make acupuncture needles out of it for more chronic conditions. Now, we are beginning to understand the science behind it, along with its optimal applications.

Another stone, called Tourmaline, is also known for similar properties. Although, more traditionally it has been used to promote a quicker release of toxins from the body. It also emits negative ions, creating a soothing effect on the nerves, allowing for optmial neurological function. It would be worth your while to look into these stones further, and if nothing less, tourmaline makes a great decorative piece.

These stones are like kryptonite, only they’re good for humans.


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