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Tools of the Trade

I’ve compiled a few products for your consideration, which when put together, will make a significant difference in your daily functioning as well as your perceived energy level and overall well-being. Let’s get started:

The first and most essential piece of negative ion-emitting material you should introduce into your life is the Everlast Innergy Si Bin/Tourmaline bracelet. It looks like an ordinary rubber bracelet, but take a second to watch the demonstration video in the videos section, or better yet, go to the link on Si Bin Rocks in the post below, and check out the different ways in which you can verify that these little power houses are doing what they claim to do. Anyway, the bracelets are all the rage among customers, and even though they’re  totally noticeable, I wear one proudly at ALL times. Which in turn creates a perfect opportunity to teach others what it’s about, expand your business if you’re into that sort of thing like me, AND dazzle friends, coworkers, and acquaintances at parties as you perform the tests demonstrated in the videos.

Next, we have an innergy ionizer system which ionizes your water source right at the tap. There’s all sorts of neat tricks you can do to validate your water ionization level after activating this machine, but I’ll wait until I have some more pictures or videos to show you. If anything, this is sure to enhance the effects of the bracelet in a much more internal manner.

Finally, there’s the Negative air ionizer for the air. Remember, there’s science behind all this (Once again, read “The Ion Miracle” to get started). This is proivded by another company called “Comtech Research”. Check out the post under “Ground Zero” to see that offices can greatly benefit from an environment filled with negative ions in the air, just like we would have out in Mother Nature. And that’s it for now!

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Matters of the Mind

Negative ions have been found to help in all areas of physiological function. However, with increased oxygen flow to the brain being one of the main benefits, it’s no wonder that the American Psychiatric Association took interest in the technology. It all began when they found that creating a simulated dawn could reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder. Later they decided to simulate the environment as well as the images, using negative ions to simulate a sort of “morning air”. At first it was treated as a placebo, but eventually it ending up accounting for some of the depression relief. Further studies are required not only to measure exactly how much of the effect can be attributed to the negative ions, but also to discover the methodology for obtaining the greatest amount of beneficial yield from these ions on the mind.

I also found an abstract on a study done, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, on the effects of negative ions on cognitive performance. Men and women were subjected to various tests of cognitive performance (proofreading, memory span, word finding, etc.) and their results were measured according to varying levels of exposure to negative ions ranging from low, to moderate, to high. The findings, and I quote “suggest negative air ions can indeed exert appreciable effects on cognitive performance.” Although they do discourage the using of artificial negative ionizers as cover-all preventive measures.

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We’ve been talking about how good negative ions are for the body. Now, I will introduce some specific, naturally-occurring agents that directly emit negative ions. One of them is called “Si Bin” and it comes from China. It is believed that many many years ago, before recorded history, a meteor hit a region of what is now China, and that the trace elements of Si Bin came from this meteor. Si Bin is a radioactive stone, (The University of Beijing measured its radioactivity and deemed it to be not only safe for human contacts, but safer than even some building materials that pass inspection) that emits a Far Infra-red frequency, creating negative ions. The Chinese have for centuries hailed it as a “sacred” stone known for its healing properties: they would grind it into a powder and place in on wounds to heal better and faster, and they would make acupuncture needles out of it for more chronic conditions. Now, we are beginning to understand the science behind it, along with its optimal applications.

Another stone, called Tourmaline, is also known for similar properties. Although, more traditionally it has been used to promote a quicker release of toxins from the body. It also emits negative ions, creating a soothing effect on the nerves, allowing for optmial neurological function. It would be worth your while to look into these stones further, and if nothing less, tourmaline makes a great decorative piece.

These stones are like kryptonite, only they’re good for humans.

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The Great Debate

Let me share with you something that I read in the BYU newspaper today: The University of Groninghen has recently found that “Bullies target kids who are unpopular and less likely to be defended by their peers”. Also “when boys were bullied by girls, the boys were more rejected by both genders”… True story! I’m grateful for scientific studies, because they allow us to understand our environment, and manipulate our circumstances for the betterment of mankind. However, studies as preposterously obvious as the one mentioned above pass off as science nowadays, more commonly than one would expect. This often happens because in order to be “official”, something must be proven. I totally support this mentality, but PLEASE, let’s apply it to to things that actually matter. This negative ion theory is as promising as it gets, with all the proven studies in the past, and all the individual testimonials, and especially with all that it claims to contribute in terms of chronic illness prevention. We are picking up scientific scraps off the tables of our predecessors, when we have all the resources in the world to make unprecedented breakthroughs. Somewhere between Galileo and Stephen Hawking, we made a significant paradigm shift:

We looked out as far as we could, and then we looked in a deep as we could. We learned that the universe at its maximum is the same as the universe to its minimum. Atoms and galaxies are composed of spheres orbiting around a nucleus. This, was a breakthrough. Now in learning all the things in between, I recommend that we dare to once again push the envelope, especially since none of us is at danger of burning at the stake like some of those people were. If quantum mechanics can legitimately challenge the pre-established laws of physics, then the negative ion theory can certainly postulate that there is not only a pattern behind chronic illness, but an untapped resource that will benefit all living things.

In the spirit of intellectual expansion, and taking the human race to the next level, I suggest a few pages to inspire some creative thought, and maybe even provoke some controversy: The folks at WebMD have posted an article sugesting that negative ions can help with asthma, and relieve depression as much as any comventional medication does. They also even suggest that your shower is the best negative ion generator in the household (which is why you feel so great after taking one). To counterbalance, The Japan Times Online has an article as well, this one brings up some interesting and viable points in the case against negative ions.  For one, neagtive ionizers discharge ozone within the same air that they seek to purify, a gas which can actually be toxic for the body. Also, they outline some valid points stating that it’s actually alot more difficult to produce negative ions than the market may lead you to believe. Finally, they state that if negative ions kill bacteria harmful to the human body, then they inevitably kill bacteria that are GOOD for the human body. And they actually have some studies of their own. I have my theories on the matter, but I’ll let you read and decide for yourself. Point is, THESE are things worth looking into.

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Ground Zero

Although negative ion therapy has many potential applications out in the world, its benefits are meant to target people on an individual basis. Like I mentioned before, artificial settings like home, school, and work have certain characteristic elements that render a low level of negative ions. Among those elements are poor air circulation, artificial lighting, and radiation from various devices (computer screens, phones, etc). Given this constant barrage of positive ion output from our surroundings, workplaces need negative ions to keep occupants healthy. Observational studies have shown that workplaces with air ionizers generally yield a higher quality of work performance, and a lower level of health problems from employees under their effects.

The Geophysical Institute for the University of Alska, Fairbanks has concluded that certain cosmis rays coming in through the atmosphere break apart air molecules, and thereby create most of the ions that exist in the air. Indoor settings shut out this atmosphere, and those ions, leading to a stagnation in the current. On top of that, there are electrical devices (mostly including screens) whose cathode ray tubes (which are contained in video terminals) depletes the air of its negative charges. Constant contact with these machines is degenerative to our physiological processes. However subtle it may be, their influence can account for slowed metaolic rates which leads to obesity (think cubicles), and weakened immune system leading to all sorts of illnesses.

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The Technical Stuff

I’m really glad there’s people out there that understand math and physics. In fact, I know a guy that has degree in nuclear engineering and quantum physics. He claims that he, along with six or seven other guys equally proficient as he is in their respective fields (chemistry, biology metallurgy, agriculture, etc.) could rebuild our society technologically speaking to about the level of the 1950’s, if a devastating event ever destroyed our present one. This sort of thing helps me sleep at night. It’s with this same type of confidence that I acknowledge technical expertise on negative ion information from Japan.  This blog delineates some of the physics behind the movement of negative ions, their boundaries, and their influence. This is how we know that an air ionizer can really fill an entire room with negative ions. Also, this is how we know that the tourmaline in bracelets or therapy rings that are in direct contact with the body, are outputting as much as the physioloigcal results account for.

There are other companies that provide electrostatic technology expertise and can explain the physics behind the biological effects.  Also, this would be a great field for emerging electrical engineers to look into, since it is revolutionary technology in both health and science, and its applications are limitless. Everyone’s going green, and the technology of the future lies somewhere back in the basics.

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Spotlight On Everlast Innergy

Times are tough. Incomes are going down, and medical costs are going up. Fortunately, this is still America, and we have the freedom and the responsibility to do something about it ourselves. One company I know of is killing both birds with one stone: Everlast Innergy. They bring first rate health care through their negative ion products, at affordable prices (It’s like Christmas). This company is of the belief that we can seriously take a huge bit out of chrnic illness in this country if we would make simple changes to get some more negative ions in our system, and who can refute them given the astounding evidence supporting their benefits? They are proving this evidence one case at a time, selling to customers all over the nation their flagship “Powerpack” which includes enough negative ion-emitting materials to outfit anyone’s lifestyle.

They also have another website which explains what their products are made of, and why it is that they work so well. Here, you will also find interesting studies conducted in China cocerning negative ions. These studies may very well have had something to do with the Chinese athlethes being outfitted with negative ion products during the last summer Olympics.

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Blood Flow Regulation

Posted o the Aryan Herbals website is a study conducted to analyze the effect that a tourmaline ring producing negative ions, renders on the flow of blood. Blood was analyzed under a microscope to obtain a baseline reading from the participants in the study. After having placed the tourmaline ring on the respective participants, the blood was analyzed again. The results were as seen in the pictures above, with a significantly lower level of clusters accumulating within the blood after negative ion stimulus. This in turn allowed for smoother and more efficient blood flow throughout the participants’ bodies, which after some time reported to several benefits including pain relief, and chronic cramp alleviation. This isn’t just a study done in some lab, however.

There is an innovative company that may be near you at any given time, providing this same type of blood analysis and tourmaline products on hand. Their name is Everlast Innergy, and one of their satellite websites shows you their tour schedule. They have an RV that serves as a fully functional mobile lab, that allows people to take blood tests and scans (under the supervision of qualified professionals) and they provide you the negative ion products that will make a difference in your body at the same time. This way, you can literally see how this technology can work for you. What a cool idea.

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“The Ion Miracle”

For those of you who would like  to broaden your fundamental knowledge on the discovery, benefits, and applications of negative ions, here’s a tidbit on some of the unofficial guidebooks on negative ions. The first real compilation of material concerning negative ions was a book called “The Ion Effect” by Fred Soyka. You might be able to get it online, Amazon maybe. However, years later there was a man by the name of Jean-Yves Cote, who tried getting a hold of this book, and couldn’t find it anywhere since it was out of print. He was very interested in obtaining literature on negative ions, and since he couldn’t find anything substantial, he decided to write his own:

“The Ion Miracle” by Jean-Yves Cote is now one of the more popular pieces of literature on the subject. The best way to get a hold of it is purchasing the electronic version online. This book outlines some of the modern chronology of negative ion discoveries, along with some pretty impressive personal experiences. You will  also learn about some landmark studies that legitimize the effects of negative ions throughout history, as well as the many ways in which charged ions affect our everyday functions. I thought the most impressive information were the facts on psychological health. All in all, I would say this is the flagship publication on the subject, and it’s worth the time and the money.

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Louis Pasteur and Negative Ions

Ok, before I begin outlining the details of negative ion therapy throughout this blog, I’m going to take a second to plead a case for open-mindedness. I was explaining how this works to a group of friends earlier this week, and I was met with a narrow-mindedness that I’m sure others before me have undoubtedly encountered (Especially those who made truly significant contributions to the progress of the human race). The contention here is that negatively charged ions, invisible to the naked eye, have the inherent ability to render a beneficial effect on all biological processes. Their influence are conducive to optimal physiological processes like metabolic rates, reproductive cycles, oxygen regulation, etc. AND, one of the reasons that chronic illness is so high in this country, is because the artificial environments that we’re subjected to at work, school, and home create poor levels of negative ions, which deteriorates health on all respective processes. Now, I can see how this may sound a little ridiculous, but allow me to make an appeal to the case of Louis Pasteur and his germ theory:

During his time, infectious disease was very prevalent, and even though there were some explanations as to the nature of infectious disease (most of them superstitious) no one had proven for certain what caused them or how they were transmitted. One day, this scientitst named Louis Pasteur makes a sort of public announcement to his colleagues in the scientific community, saying that he has figured it out. His theory stated that tiny little creatures, named microbes, which were completely unseen to the human eye by the way, existed literally everywhere, and thrived on feeding off of human and animal hosts. They were in your bed, in your milk, in the air, everyone was constantly under attack, even though you couldn’t see these little things, trust him, they were there. He didn’t have the technology to prove it at the time, so he was scoffed and ridiculed for his discovery. Well, we all know how THAT turned out… Now what I, and several others before me, and currently with me are proposing, is that we have the same situation on our hands with this “negative ion theory”. I can’t show the negative ions actually manipulating the function of a mitochondria visually, but I have an arsenal of scientific studies, on top of countless testimonials from participants that create an irrefutable chain of cause and effect. Yes, they’re unseen to the naked eye, and yes they affect you in virtually every way you can imagine, and yes you’re quality of life would substantially improve if you addressed them properly, and no, I can’t actually show you, YET. Studies are taking place, and the scientific ball is rolling, just give it time… Although if anyone has an electron microscope that they’re willing to loan me for a weekend, I’ll see what I can do.

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